Lane Home Studios

Data Protection and GDPR Compliance.

Your Data

At Lane Home Studios, we keep only minimum data on you.

Contact information, booking information and images.

All of our information is stored safely, on a locked and guarded premises, in two ways. On our company machine (including back ups on external hardrives) and in paper form.

We do not share your data with anyone else and if you would ever like to see just what we hold on you, this is your right and we are happy to help. Please put your request in by email and we will comply within a maximum of two weeks. Please note, if this isn't possible, in case of holidays, illness etc, we will let you know, as soon as we get to your request and give you a new date.

By working with us and signing our contratcs, you are giving us permission to use your data, the way in which, has been mentioned above. This includes to contact you and use your images, for our portfolio and advertising purposes.

Please note, that you can ask us to delete your data at any point.

Photographer - Joanne Lisa Redding