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Abit About The Studio...

The lovely Eddie's studio, is absolutely magic and one I have been visiting for 4 and a half years! I always have a fantastic time when ever I go there and am always made to feel very much at home.

Offering 700sq feet, with 14 feet high ceilings 😍

It has a separate seating area with sofas, that can also be used as a separate set up or for clients and chaperones to wait comfortably in.

They have a gorgeous, unique, little make up & changing room, a Shower Room & WC, supplied with fresh towels and bath robes.

There is also a cute little kitchen area with fridge and microwave, plus free coffee, teas and beverages. I'll bring the cake 😉

There is a large array of fashion fabrics, jewelry and accessories too, plus lots of different props and backdrops. As well as some pretty amazing studio lights for me to use too ❤️❤️❤️

.....Oh and Gordon Ramsey has been there!!!


***Friday 15th September - Studio day in North West, London***

I am so so excited to be holding a studio day in London!!!

If this event goes well, I will definitely be doing more! If you are interested in any kind of shoot at this location, or know of someone that might be, then please feel free to get in touch or add them to our FB group, so that they can get to know us a bit better :-)

Stay tuned for images of this location and for further tour dates, here and in other locations!

Maybe you'd like to suggest a tour location? Then what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us, we'd love to hear from you!


Mill Hill - North West - London

Public Transport

Mill Hill East Station

Bus 221 - Runs right outside the door