Lane Home Studios


Here are our references from one of the modelling network sites the studio is on and our FB page. If you would like to see the originals, then please do get in touch and i'll send you the links.

As we planned to start early on Saturday Lexi very kindly suggested I could use her spare room and travel down the night before. The studio is well equipped, very friendly, the resident studio dog (Marley) is very well behaved and knows to stay out of the way when shoots are taking place, and wasn't bothered by studio flashes firing.

Lexi provides excellent hospitality (gallons of tea Smile ) in her studio, which made it a relaxing place to shoot.

I'd certainly recommend this studio to anyone.

I had a shoot at Lane home studio and it was great!

Its a awsome place with lots of space, great decoration, lots of natural light and its near some lovely locations for outdoor shoots.

Marley is Lexis dog and he is an absolute star! Very well behaved, does what Lexi tells him to do and very playful

I would definitely shoot there again!

Ps: Lexi makes a great hot chocolate! Yum

I've just spent 3 days shooting 2 models at Lane home studios, run by the wonderfully enthusiastic and talented Lexi, who's more than capable of handling her dual role as studio owner and very experienced (and lovely) model. The overall feel is very welcoming

Lexi's done a great job designing each room to have a different feel. Plenty of natural light.

Props abound, and Lexi dashes round like a thing possessed once you've explained what you're looking for to configure your chosen area how you want it. She's designed a marquee like frame that can be erected indoors and out to create another space within a space.

As mentioned in all other references, Marley is Lexi's incredibly well behaved pet. Very obedient, friendly if encouraged otherwise he just lets you get on with it. If you love dogs - as I do - he's wonderful. If you don't love dogs, he's a total non issue and wlll happily trot off and lie wherever Lexi plops his blanket.

I'll definitely use Lane Home Studios again when shooting models in that area.

Had a shoot at Lane Home studios, very spacious, lots of variety in terms of settings, the kettle nearly blew a fuse I used it so much Smile

Lexi is fab, she helps you set up anything you need help with or gives you the space to do your own thing. Very friendly, nice vibes - best home studio Ive used, defo recommended

I have shot with Lexi at Lane Home Studio a number of times now and it's great. Versatile space for a number of different indoor shoots plus the added bonus of being near the sea/thames adds another dimension to some outdoor shots I did with Lexi.

Lexi is very easy going and most of the time we end up chatting for ages then I realise I need to take some pics haha. The studio dog Marley is lovely, he's very chilled and brings a nice relaxed feeling to the shoots. I will most definitely be shooting at Lane Home Studios again in the new year, can't recommend it enough.

I used Lane home studios for a photo shoot and had a great time.If you are looking for a studio that can be used for a home feel to it plus some bedroom shoots then this is the place to use.Lexi was very friendly and helpful and couldn't do enough to make my shoot go well.

She has her dog,Marley present and he was so well behaved I forgot that he was there.I would highly recommend that you book Lane home studios for your next studio shoot.

The Lane Home studio is very easy to use, there is a large white room (including white floor) which has a good space to set up lights, and a wide variety of backdrops.

The resident studio dog is friendly and well behaved (not the jumping up and yapping or barking type), he is trained to stay out of studio areas while shoots were taking place and had no problem with studio flashes firing, I wasn't worried about him running around between shots.

The main bedroom set has a large window (full height and width of the room) so there is plenty of natural light, there is good space to shoot around two sides of the bed.

There is convenient parking, and is easy to get to (around 30 minutes from the south side of the Dartford crossing)

I have shot there 4 times so far and plan to shoot there again very soon!

Had my first shoot at Lane home studio to day Loved every part of if Lexi has but a lot of work and time into making that an amazing place to shoot Lots of props to use lights ready to use great backgrounds and loads of tea on Tap thanks for a great day will book your studio again for sure