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Have A Giggle - Wines & Nibbles - Group Shoots

Pictured Above -

Model - Rosa Brighid

In need of something to do one evening with your best-ies? Well what if I told you that for just £25 per head, for a group of 6 (other group sizes available), you can come and spend the night at Lane Home Studios!

There you can enjoy a nice drink or several, nibbles, laughs AND have your very own studio and photographer for the night to take any images you want!

There are 4 areas/rooms to choose from, or you can go for one of our sets or backdrops, the choice is yours!

This is definitely a bonus for all living in the village, as you can have a nice drink, do something different and be able to get home easily afterwards, without having to pay £50 for a cab or arrange a lift, OR WORSE someone having to be the dreaded designated driver!!!


More information to come.......


As we like to take more of a laid back approach here at the studio, you can pick whatever start and finish time suits you and your friends best.


Fancy a little extra for your evening with us? Then why not choose from one of the following extras -

More to come....


Did you have a special night to celebrate? Maybe it's someone's birthday or you just all want to celebrate your favourite theme - 60's? Moulin Rogue? Onesies?

We cater for everything and everyone, so no matter what the occasion or theme, we are here, to make it the best night possible, for you and your guests.


Group of 2 - £80 per person

Group of 3 - £50 per person

Group of 4 - £40 per person

Group of 5 - £30 per person

Group of 6 - £25 per person

Group of 7 - £22 per person

Group of 8 - £20 per person